INW Media: Our Mission Statement

INW Media: Our Mission Statement

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INW Media helps Musicians and Creative Entrepreneurs who feel like Artistic Bystanders to become Empowered Creative Entrepreneurs.  

We help them to come together and grow as artists and gain an expanded knowledge base and skill set.  

They can become a self contained artistic movement after achieving progress, growth, and a customized business plan.  This allows them to build an independent creative business.

At INW Media we want to make the business side of the music industry more inclusive to the artists that create the content, which can restore truly inspirational creative movements.  

Our aim is to lower the bar to entry into creative business, and create entrepreneur funds directed towards low income families.  We believe in the importance of creating living wages and independent business opportunities, as many problems could be solved by alleviating housing and income inequality.  

We also believe our mission is educating people about empathy, compassion, and finding purpose through creating.  

Musicians and Creative Entrepreneurs shouldn’t have to rely on others who don't really care about their growth, progress, or outcomes, using the outdated social media spamming approaches to reach an audience, or copy what others are doing instead of investigating why it worked.

Our goal is to create integrated collaborative communities, leading to a healthy ecosystem for musicians and creative industries as a whole

Together we can enrich the lives of others by empowering their creative momentum, and promote positive mental well being through artistic endeavors.

The future will be better through the countless lives of others, moved by a revolution in artistic creative strength for positive change


Contributions are greatly appreciated!

Your support in the revolution of creative industry will change the tide in the fight for artist rights and creator control.

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